This is an image of the East Cocalico Township Municipal Building which was constructed in 1989. The ground level is used for the Township Administrative Staff, Township Supervisors & Water Authority. The Police Department is currrently housed in the lower level of the structure.

This is another image of the exterior of the Township Building facing westward along Hill Road. The farmland that can be seen in the background is currently being cleared to make way for construction of an apartment complex.The Township emblem is a covered bridge that is still standing and in use on Cocalico Creek Road. For additional information about the Covered Bridges of Lancaster County see our Local Links on the Main Page.

This is an image of the interview room, it's primary use is to interview suspects,victim and witnesses. NOTE: the two-way mirror used for observation and identification of suspects.

This is an image of the Laboratory. This area is a multi-functional room used for processing latent fingerprints by our department tech, fingerprinting and photographing of suspects, testing of control substances, preparing criminal evidence for entry into the evidence locker.

This is an image of our holding cells which areused to detain violent or dangerous persons and persons that are under arrest awaiting to be arraigned before a District Justice.

This is an image of the squad room common area. In addition to being the center of activity, it also is used by patrol staff to prepare incident and crime reports. There are two terminals in this area where access to the report management system (RMS) and (CLEAN) for criminal histories,driver license,registration and warrant information can be obtained.

This is an image of the kitchen area. Here you can get that cup of coffee or heat your meal up, very useful when your "lunchtime" rolls around at 3 a.m.

This is another image of the squad room common area. On the left are file cabinets where (URC) or Files on crimes that occurred within one of our four jurisdictions are kept for the prior two years. After that the files are placed into long term storage.

This is an image of the clerical area. Here, two of our department's clerical staff work in entry, update and organization for all the crime and incident reports for the four jurisdictions that our agency patrols.

This is an image of our conference room. This area is used for departmental meetings, training classes, and can double as a victim, witness and juvenile interview area when needed.

This is an image of the staff office. Two sergeants, one in charge of patrol and one in charge of investigations as well as one of our clerical staff work out of this area. The large glass windows to the right look out into the squad room common area.

We hope you enjoyed the tour !