East Cocalico Township Police Department established a bicycle patrol unit in 1998, with four officers assigned to it. Currently, Officers Sola, Dilliplaine, Walsh and Fisher E. are bike patrol officers.

Bike officers are utilized in special need situations, such as community events, parades, fairs, ceremonies, and sporting events. The unit is actively involved in assisting area schools in bicycle safety education. The officers participate in bike rodeos, and demonstrations while stressing the importance of bicycle safety and helping establish good riding habits.

The bike patrol unit is available and effectively used in special need situations such as prowlers, suspicious activity calls, or even foot pursuits, where the bicycle has the definite advantage. Bikes can get to places where the patrol car can not and can do so quickly and silently. This has helped in making several drug and alcohol arrests, with officer DePaul making a drug arrest in the first hours of the first day of putting the bikes in use.

The bike officers completed 40 hours of intensive training to get their certification. They were required to master on and off road skills, tactical maneuvers, obstacle clearing and power moves. They must maintain high fitness levels. Bike officers are responsible for the maintainance of all of their bike equipment.


The Bicycle Helmet Law requires those 12 years and under to wear a helmet; however, it's a smart move for every cyclist to wear one!!